Kawai Kanjiro Museum

There are many wonderful hidden museums and galleries in Japan – I’m forever discovering them but this particular place has been a favourite for many years.

Mingei artist Kawai Kanjiro's house in Kyoto now a fantastic memorial museum of his ceramic work and more

Kawai Kanjiro was a famous Mingei (folk craft) artist who lived the majority of his working life in Kyoto in this wonderful house.

 It’s terribly atmospheric and you can gain a little access into Kanjiro san’s personality. While the structure is traditional in style it’s not overly typical in feel…

IMG_2913 IMG_2925

After he died it was transformed into a memorial museum by his family.  Wandering through the rooms is earthing and comforting – especially when you are on your own when you can stay a while sitting on the tatami and just soak it all in.

 IMG_2857 IMG_2850

Once inside you can see and feel exactly why the artist was so inspired to create here.   Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the house, garden and kiln area at a leisurely pace.

You can read about the history of the house and Kawai Kanjiro himself, page through beautiful books and see many examples of Kanjiro san’s work throughout the home.

If you appreciate art, culture, architecture and the energy of creatives past – do make the effort to seek out this welcoming museum just south of Gojo dori, one street parallel to and west of Higashioji dori.

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