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When Zenbu Tours founder and host Jane Lawson isn’t flitting about in her beloved Japan on tour, or researching and taking happy snaps, she’s in Australia gas-bagging about Japan whenever and however she can; in her books, on the radio, in the Sunday paper, at the odd festival or event and on several online platforms including this one.

Yep she really does bang on about it  – but she loves the place, that’s clear, and is always keen to share the Japan joy so we thought we’d spread a little too by bringing together links of her work here so it’s all, eventually, in one place to assist your Japan travel.

She’s been lucky enough to be asked to travel to other countries for work (really it is about time she started seeing some more of the world – it’s been way too long! The Japan force is strong)  and she gets to write about them too – so we’ll chuck ’em in for good measure – you know, just in case you miss out on a place on one of our Japanese Cuisine and Culture Tours and need to find some other fabulous place to visit  😉

So we’ll start with these and we’ll be adding more as we collect them:




Jane has authored several Japanese titles and several more on other cuisines/cultures  – you can find some of them HERE.






 – RADIO –

How To Travel Tokyo In Style

Tim Webster speaks to Jane Lawson author of Tokyo Style Guide  which offers style-savvy travellers a unique insight into Tokyo’s culture and aesthetic, and suggests places to eat, sleep and shop.

Journeys To Come


The Tokyo Style Guide with Jane Lawson


Travel Writers Radio






Jane has a personal page on Facebook – an ‘Author’ page, a page for Zenbu Tours, a page for Zenbu Home and if you are interested in Japanese Food and travel generally – why not follow her Japan Food Culture and Travel Page on Facebook – you can add relevant information too – share your Japan travel stories, related businesses etc.


WHAT …. ANOTHER #%*!ing BLOG ?!

EATSPEAK is Jane’s original blog which she dips in and out of – it has a bunch of  less recent Japanese material and some rather unpolished writing, non Japanese food/travel tidbits,  some of her recipes, her occasional cooking classes or Book Publishing in a Nutshell workshops etc.



Jane is also on instagram as janelawsonfood, zenbu_tours and zenbuhome if you’d like to see what she gets upto there.



Yep, she obviously has too much time on her hands – check out all the glorious Japanese-ness of her Pinterest page if you are a pinner too!



Yeah, yeah -like everyone else she’s been coerced to throw herself at the mercy of the Linked-in Gods too! She’s here… 



 – The next opportunity to hear Jane pfaffing about on anything relevant to food or words….  – 


Book Publishing in a Nutshell Workshop 

Saturday 26 August  – Manly area, Sydney


Food & Words Writers’ Festival

Saturday September 16 2017 – The Mint, Sydney



 – By the way.. –

Did you know Jane and her husband Gerard also run ZENBU HOME – an online store where you can find beautiful Japanese items for self or home – mainly vintage (think handmade silk Kimono) , some new (artisan ceramics, incense, greeting cards, stationery), a few antique items (obi sashes, little dishes, sake cups etc) and some simply pre-loved but in great condition schtuff (could be anything really…).

Sure it’s an opportunistic plug and we’re not overly proud of taking the ball and running with it while we, hopefully, still have your attention –  we hope you’ll forgive us..?


Thank you,

Zenbu Tours Elves




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