Zenbu Tours is excited to be hosting 3 Japanese Cuisine & Culture tours in 2019.



First up is the completely, brand spanking new 7 day ZENBU CHIISAI – little sister to our regular 12 day Zenbu Zen Tour which is taking a break in 2019.

Chiisai is a hungry lass who’s in a bit of a hurry and isn’t too bothered about down time – she really likes to pack it in!
This new tour is perfect for those short on time who desire a perfect tastette of Japanese food and culture, or those who have travelled to Japan before and are keen for a quick cuisine and culture top up,  or for those wishing to tag a more delicious and cultural trip onto one end of a planned Japan ski trip – perhaps beforehand is best… that way you can ski off any additional kilos!
**We’ve had a lot of early interest in this tour and are currently holding spaces for people until the itinerary /pricing is released – if you’d like us to hold a room for you too –  on this or any of our other tours please let us know!





We’ll be repeating our fabulous 15 day wintry SETSUBUN TOUR  which was an absolute hit in 2018! You can see the 2018 itinerary HERE  to give you an idea of what to expect.





We’ll also repeat the beautiful  15 day HARU TOUR for spring time bliss.  You can see the 2018 itinerary HERE – it will be similar to our offering in 2019.





2019 itineraries won’t be finalised for a little bit but we wanted to share the schedule – so you can ‘save the date’ and start plotting! So here they are:

Zenbu Chiisai 09-15 Jan

Zenbu Setsubun 18-27 Jan

Zenbu Haru 13-28 May

**So pop those dates in your diaries and rest assured – if you are on our mailing list – you’ll be the first to know when 2019 itineraries and prices are published. 
                                                                                                                                                                                          ** OH, pssst – if you can’t wait until 2019 – We have 2 rooms left on the 2018 HARU TOUR in May 2018 but it MUST BE BOOKED BY 05 MARCH! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                       BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES




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