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 Zenbu Tours  are happy to offer Private Cuisine and Culture Day Tours either side of the more extensive  pre-planned Tours.
 Available dates will be announced for 2018 around mid 2017. 
Longer, larger personalised group tours are also possible outside of the available dates – but only  with significant advance planning.

Please note that costs for longer tours would be inline with the advertised Zenbu Tours – and only as long as there are at least 6-8 guests.  Fewer guests mean higher costs to the individual. 

Day or mini tours are tailored to you or your group’s specific desires and needs and therefore each is unique and requires detailed planning but can be arranged with shorter notice. 

For enquiries please contact Jane directly on janelawsonfood@bigpond.com.au



Stay tuned for 2018 dates. 


General information
My fee rates :
For up to 4 people:
$1250 AUD for one day
**There are additional costs for extra people. Price on application.
Please note that YOUR accommodation (plus mine if I am travelling with you) plus ‘OUR’ meals, drinks, entry fees and transportation will be at an additional expense for you/your group to cover.  The fee above covers my time connecting with you prior to the tour to assess and develop the perfect tour for you or your group, planning, making arrangements for and hosting tours specifically tailored to your groups needs/desires  –  and of course sharing my passion for, and local knowledge  of,  Japanese cuisine and culture.
*Please note :
All private ‘mini’ tour fees must be paid for at the time of booking  and the fee is non-refundable if  you cancel the tour within 2 months of the tour.    If you  have to cancel your travel due to illness or similar your travel insurance should cover it so please ensure you are with a good provider.  All travellers on Zenbu Tours MUST have their own travel insurance and your policy number must be provided to us in advance of the tour.
High-end Restaurant meals must be paid for one month in advance of the reservation and any cancelled restaurant bookings (within 2 weeks) of the booking will not be refunded. Drinks to be paid for in situ.
 Any cancelled transport or experience bookings within one month of the tour may  or may not be refunded  – this will be at the discretion of the individual provider.
Please email me at janelawsonfood@bigpond.com.au.
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