Zenbu Tours Tailored Itineraries Luxury Culture Travel Popular Tour BespokeYes, it’s true.

Currently we host our small-group, luxury cuisine and culture tours of Japan just a handful of  times per year.

We understand our tours might be unavailable to you at the time of year in which you wish to travel… but we might just have something more suitable up our sleeves.


Sure, with plenty of notice Zenbu Tours are able to schedule private tours for small groups either side of our group tours and you can find more information on that HERE.  In fact, in theory,  we are happy to arrange and host a private tour at anytime  –  depending on the needs/budget of the group.


HOWEVER…. we do also realise that sometimes you need to dance to your own rhythm and, for the most part, go on your very own adventure. You want to wake up whenever you feel like it and eat whatever you want, we know you sometimes already have alternative accommodation arranged and we know some of you just don’t dig the idea of travelling in a group. As small and lovely as they may be …

We know all of this because we’ve been hearing from more and more of you lately as you seek out help with itineraries and general Japan travel information…  And, although developing personalised itineraries was not a service we ever planned to offer  – we listened when you said you prefer to travel solo or with a friend or partner or your kids (sadly our tours are only open to those 20 years and over), and we took note that you  ‘couldn’t take more than a week off work’ , and we sympathised when you said you really, really wanted to come along but you couldn’t eat anything with a face… (no sadly we don’t offer vegan tours)

IMG_7006So we sat down and considered how we might be able to share with you a little taste of what we do on a Zenbu Tour without us actually being by your side.

And Voila!



Recently we’ve started creating one-off,  detailed, tailored itineraries for some of our restaurant and food media friends who had very specific times in which they needed to travel, and simply didn’t have the time or energy to do the kind of research and planning needed to produce a great Japan experience.

After all – she can be tricky to get around sometimes if you don’t speak or read the language. And the culture.. well it goes way deep friends -you are honestly not even scratching the surface if you ‘just turn up’ and ‘wing it’. A little information up front goes a long way with Japan travel.  If you have no comprehension of what there is to look for or experience –  how will you even start to find it?

It’s fair to say that developing these itineraries has opened up a door we didn’t realise people were waiting behind.

So we’ve decided to take it off its hinges!

We are super- excited to now be offering you the possibility of your very own Zenbu Tours Japan travel experience  – whenever and however it suits you – with us in your carry-on luggage – instead of waving a lime green flag in front of you! (just kidding – we don’t do flags…puhlease!)


How does it work? 

Well, first we get some details from you – about the kinds of things you are interested in seeing, doing, eating, drinking etc.,  your ideal daily budget if you have one, anything you specifically want to avoid, what expectations you have, how long you plan to be away for, and whether you already have any set plans you need to work around.

Then we go away and produce something suitable to your requirements –  significantly reducing your planning time pre tour, ensuring you aren’t running around wasting valuable leave-time in situ,  and helping to boost your confidence to do it on your own (well, with a little help from us…).


IMG_2872 copyWhat does it cost? 

$325 AUD per itinerary day -with a minimum of 2 days.

For itineraries longer than 5 days we are happy to negotiate a reduced daily rate for additional days.

Please note that payment must be received before we commence developing your personalised itinerary.


How long does it take? 

Ideally we’d like you to give us as much notice as possible pre travel so we can take our time to plan the perfect itinerary for you – and have you absorb it before you depart.

However, if you are in a pickle – we’ll make an effort to work within your time frame.




We look forward to helping you fall in love with Japan  – again and again.  




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