Clementia and I were getting along famously until I smashed one of her lovely glasses. I’m still not quite sure how it happened. I barely tapped it… (with my i-phone as I tried to get a shot of the wine label – yeah, I would have been pissed off with me too if I was […]

Mechant Loup

I’d walked by this attractive looking restaurant facade about 500 times over a several year period before I finally decided to dine there. Can’t really explain the delay but I guess the place just looked a little too posh for a ‘drop in’  dressed in casual gear on her way to the shops. It is a small […]

Wabiya Korekidou Yakitori

It’s some time since I ate at Wabiya Korekidou  but I still have very fond memories of this excellent meal. Being on Hanamikoji dori (street), slap bang in the middle of the main Geisha thoroughfare, I had little hope that it would be as good as it actually was.  But as I am learning – most […]

Yakitori Hitomi

I love a good Yakitori joint and this is one of my favourites in Kyoto  – it is also one of the hardest to get into. They have a large regular following and ideally you need to know someone who speaks Japanese who can book for you – well in advance.  There are a couple of […]

Kyoto Meanderings. No. 3.

Kyoto Meanderings. No. 1. Kyoto Meanderings. No. 2. 

Kawai Kanjiro Museum

For a really great example of a wonderfully atmospheric Japanese house do make the effort to seek out this spectacular museum just south of Gojo street near Higashioji dori – once the home of  famous Kyoto potter Kawai Kanjiro.   Once inside you can see and feel exactly why the artist was so inspired to […]

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Fushimi Inari Taisha is one of my favourite shrines in Kyoto.  (I feel like I keep repeating myself… but there are just so many to love!). It is visually spectacular, energising and allows you to partake in its beauty whether its a brief interlude you are seeking or a more leisurely commune with nature. Visitors […]

Kakiage Recipe

Interested in trying your hand at some simple Japanese recipes – here’s one of my favourites – Kakiage– from my book “Zenbu Zen – finding food, culture and balance in Kyoto“ -published by Murdoch Books.   If you would like to take a look inside the book – check out these pages on Uber designer […]

Smart Coffee

I’d walked past Smart coffee a million times, dismissing it as one of those places stuck in time that had survived purely on the fact it is situated on Teramachi with plenty of passing trade. For some reason I thought it was a tiny, smoky box of a place – blame memories of too many […]