Zenbu Zen Tour 2018

Zenbu Zen Tour 2018

Fall in love with beautiful Kyoto on this relaxing and inspiring  12 day cuisine & culture tour hosted by food & travel writer Jane Lawson and fellow Japanophile Gerard Kambeck.   ZENBU ZEN 2018 Our first tour for 2018, the ever popular and intimate 12 Day ZENBU ZEN Tour, focuses on superbly serene and fascinating Kyoto – Japan’s cultural […]

Catching up with myself…

Catching up with myself…

Well it seems like light years since I published my last blog post here. Things became just a little bit crazy leading up to the 2017 winter tours…. In the latter part of 2016 I’d sold my flat, finished building a new home, slipped in a secret wedding, had two books published and did a bizarre amount […]

Red, White and Black Japan

Last week I was blissing out on all the calming green of Kyoto and this week I’m seeing RED.  Red, white and black that is. Dramatic, graphic, striking and stimulating. In Japanese culture the colour red represents energy and lifeforce ( it also wards off evil spirits – take note when you are in temple/shrine areas), […]

Cafe Bibliotec Hello

From the moment I found this  cafe I wondered why I’d waited so long to visit… truth is it seemed so well established on the Kyoto cafe circuit that I figured I’d look elsewhere. In most countries this wouldn’t be my first reaction to a much lauded spot but occasionally the “institution” like cafes  and casual […]

Tonyu Ramen

Hunger  + Frosty Kyoto day = a deep bowl of brothy noodles In this case – soy milk ramen.  And this ain’t your average soy milk – this is freshly ‘squeezed’ soy milk made by grinding pre-soaked (in pristine Kyoto mountain water) dried local (high quality and full flavoured) soy beans and filtering the creamy […]

Anzukko Gyoza

Usually when I’m in Kyoto long term I stay in an apartment but this particular trip was a shorty so it was all about hotel life (5 of ’em to be precise!).  Being slap bang in the centre of town this time it was easy to duck out for a quick bite to eat after […]

Going gluten-free in Japan ?

A couple of years ago one of my clients contacted me about coming along on one of my Japanese cuisine and culture tours.   She was keen to join us but was concerned as she is coeliac.  To be honest  I was a little worried too… how the heck was I going to get her around Japan sans gluten?? […]

Green Kyoto

No matter which season you travel to Kyoto in….  you’ll notice the green. At least you will now.   From the depths of winter to the peak of summer Kyoto life remains a calming shade of green in one form or another. I’ve, somewhat embarrassingly, not been completely conscious of it until this very moment  – but […]