Green Kyoto

No matter which season you travel to Kyoto in….  you’ll notice the green. At least you will now.   From the depths of winter to the peak of summer Kyoto life remains a calming shade of green in one form or another. I’ve, somewhat embarrassingly, not been completely conscious of it until this very moment  – but […]

Kanazawa Weekend

In an attempt to escape Kyoto’s increasingly insane heat in Early August a couple of years back we decided to take a mini-break to gorgeous Kanazawa. Had we known it was in the middle of a heatwave and it would feel every bit as hot and humid as Kyoto we might have chosen elsewhere. Like Lapland. […]

Kyoto Meanderings. No. 6

To the west of the city’s heart lies Senbon Dori. Like most of Kyoto’s major streets it runs from one end of the city grid to the other – in this case North to South. It is the main vein of an area rarely visited by tourists – unless they happen to be passing through […]

Obon and Daimonji bonfire festival

It’s almost time for the annual Obon festival  in Japan. This sacred time on the Japanese calendar lasts several days during which the dearly departed return to earth to visit their families. August  16 2015 hosts the famous Daimonji (more formally ‘Gozan no okuribi’) bonfire light up in Kyoto town. If you look carefully you can […]

Kyoto Meanderings. No.4

If you know me at all, you’ll be well aware of my intense dislike for hot, humid summers. Kyoto has provided the most intense of them I’ve experienced in my life. And I’m an Australian. In previous posts I have vented my dismay, in colourful detail, about the sweltering conditions in Kyoto’s bonchi (basin) so it really […]