Going gluten-free in Japan ?

A couple of years ago one of my clients contacted me about coming along on one of my Japanese cuisine and culture tours.   She was keen to join us but was concerned as she is coeliac.  To be honest  I was a little worried too… how the heck was I going to get her around Japan sans gluten?? […]

Food Glorious Food…. on a Zenbu Tour!

Ever wondered what kind of deliciousness we get upto on a Zenbu Tour? The answer is pretty much anything and everything… as long as it is great!  Japanese food is so varied  – from the simple to the sublime, from the traditional and true to creative contemporary.  When travelling with Zenbu Tours we want to ensure […]

Homemade Ume-shu (Plum Wine)

In Japan, early summer is the time for making Ume-shu or Plum wine. When the plums are taken early from the tree for preserving.  A sweet wine, more like a liqueur, it is delicious on the rocks, with soda or in cocktails and works well in desserts too – think plum jelly, ice cream or […]

Kake Udon Recipe

In Japan the cooler weather calls for deep bowls of hot, steaming noodles. Following is a very simple recipe for a standard “Kake Udon” ie Udon noodles with basic broth (Kakejiru). As with other Japanese noodles such as Soba, Ramen and Somen there are of course many variations on the theme but this traditional broth is […]