Homemade Ume-shu (Plum Wine)

In Japan, early summer is the time for making Ume-shu or Plum wine. When the plums are taken early from the tree for preserving.  A sweet wine, more like a liqueur, it is delicious on the rocks, with soda or in cocktails and works well in desserts too – think plum jelly, ice cream or […]

Kyoto Night Lights

Evening in Kyoto town promises a certain magic. Sunsets over mountains. Paper lantern lit laneways come to life. Geiko and Maiko slow trot to appointments.   Power lines lean and whisper in the half light. Shadow and shine. Come with me – I’ll show you.  Just a few spots left on the ZENBU ZEN Luxury Cuisine & Culture […]

Kyoto Meanderings. No.4

If you know me at all, you’ll be well aware of my intense dislike for hot, humid summers. Kyoto has provided the most intense of them I’ve experienced in my life. And I’m an Australian. In previous posts I have vented my dismay, in colourful detail, about the sweltering conditions in Kyoto’s bonchi (basin) so it really […]