Breakfast in Kyoto…tbc…

Locals generally eat breakfast at home in Kyoto -town so unless you are staying in a hotel, ryokan or an apartment a sit down breakfast, like you might be used to in your own country,  can be difficult to find. There are a few boulangerie and fast food joints open early and everything from pastries and […]

Food Glorious Food…. on a Zenbu Tour!

Ever wondered what kind of deliciousness we get upto on a Zenbu Tour? The answer is pretty much anything and everything… as long as it is great!  Japanese food is so varied  – from the simple to the sublime, from the traditional and true to creative contemporary.  When travelling with Zenbu Tours we want to ensure […]

Zenbu Wa-Mono Tour 2017

Zenbu Wa-Mono Tour 2017

Zenbu Tours is offering two very special Luxury Cuisine & Culture Tours for early 2017   Hey Folks, it seems that most of our lovely clients who are interested in this tour are keen for it to happen in 2018 rather than 2017 so we’ll be postponing this tour until then – if you would like […]

Cafe Cheka

In retrospect it was probably a very good thing that I only found this sweet cafe, situated just a stone’s throw from my apartment, a few weeks before I left Kyoto…. Having a cup of coffee and a wee cake (or two  – after all how does one choose between the excellent regular items of “tiramisu” […]

ZENBU TOURS 2017… coming soon

ZENBU TOURS 2017… coming soon

Newsflash! Dates just announced – go HERE for details! Greetings All ! I’m  just back from a wonderful time in Japan hosting several successful winter tours including a a couple of fun private day tours with grown up family groups. It’s always a pleasure for me to meet new people but it’s also a very lovely […]

Sayonara Zenbu Zen 2016..

Sayonara Zenbu Zen 2016..

I’m feeling like a farmer sans his or her favourite sheep. My lovely group and I have just finished an incredible 15 days together on the Zenbu Zen (plus) tour 2016. Alone for the first time in many months  I’m enjoying the quiet of a friend’s apartment overlooking Kyoto’s handsome rooftops and humble mountain safety-rim but […]


Don’t mind if I do. Normally when in Japan I like to seek out the smaller, cosy little tucked away cafes but sometimes you just have to duck in somewhere nearby for a caffeine/sugar fix right? HARBS is a coffee and cake chain found all over Japan (and elsewhere)  – 32 shops and counting! When shopping […]

Dean and Deluca Kyoto

This is a very short post to say that if you are in downtown Kyoto  on the hop and in much need of a quick and decent cuppa and/or a burger/sandwich –  but you can’t stand the thought of going to one of the large fast food chains  – then check out the front cafe section of the large Dean and Deluca […]

Kanazawa Weekend

In an attempt to escape Kyoto’s increasingly insane heat in Early August a couple of years back we decided to take a mini-break to gorgeous Kanazawa. Had we known it was in the middle of a heatwave and it would feel every bit as hot and humid as Kyoto we might have chosen elsewhere. Like Lapland. […]