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2018 Zenbu Tours Schedule 

Zenbu Tours is excited to announce that we’ll be holding 3 Japanese Cuisine and Culture tours for 2018.

no. 1              12 Day Zenbu Zen Tour (early Jan 2018) – Kyoto

no. 2              15 Day Zenbu Setsubun Tour  (late Jan – early Feb 2018)  -Kyoto & Tokyo

no.3                15 Day Zenbu Haru Spring Tour  (May 2018)  – Kyoto


If you are interested in a Private Tour please contact us to discuss further.


If you would rather travel independently than with a group ? Our detailed DIY itineraries – tailored to suit your needs and desires might be exactly what you are looking for! 


That’s it for 2018!

Find out what’s happening in 2019. Email ‘PLEASE ADD ME’ to janelawsonfood@bigpond.com.au to be added to the mailing list!

Thank you!

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