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relaxing Rarotonga cook island holiday island paradiseA couple of months ago I wrote a story about the little paradise of Rarotonga for Escape.com.au. We had a stupendously relaxing time on the tropical south Pacific island, so much so that I could have kept writing about it for days… But you know, the sensible editorial folk at Escape will only allow a writer to throw so many words at them! In my case such restrictions are a good thing as I don’t mind a good chat….

However I’ll zip my noise-maker for now and simply post some of my happy snaps in hope it helps give some idea of how beautiful the island is.  Sadly the fragrant breeze is not detectable in the images nor is the incredible laid back energy.  We only wish we’d Raro’d longer.

You’ll have to visit Escape to read the story but think of these as an additional visual aid!

relaxing rarotonga cook island holidayrelaxing rarotonga cook island holidayIMG_1065 copyfamous fish sandwich relaxing rarotonga cook island holidayrelaxing rarotonga cook island holiday

IMG_1143 copyIMG_1137 copyIMG_1139 copyIMG_1151 copyrelaxing rarotonga cook island holiday Nautilus ResortIMG_1164 copyIMG_1173 copyIMG_1180 copyIMG_1187 copyIMG_1192 copyIMG_1204 copyIMG_1210 copyrelaxing rarotonga cook island holidayIMG_1222 copyIMG_1230 copyrelaxing rarotonga cook island holiday cocktails with a viewIMG_1400 copyIMG_1402 copyIMG_1405 copy

IMG_1404 copyIMG_1425 copyIMG_1428 copyIMG_1433 copyIMG_1435 copyIMG_1444 copyIMG_1455 copyIMG_1464 copyIMG_1466 copyIMG_1499 copy

IMG_2814 copy

IMG_1476 copy

IMG_2970 copyIMG_2934 copyIMG_2897 copyIMG_2938 copyIMG_2964 copyIMG_2967 copy

IMG_2942 copyIMG_2983 copyIMG_2986 copyrelaxing rarotonga cook island holiday Little Polynesian ResortIMG_3014 copyRelaxing Rarotonga Cook Islands Travel pacific paradiseIMG_3148 copyIMG_3163 copyIMG_3213 copyIMG_3229 copyIMG_3233 copyIMG_3239 copyIMG_3274 copyIMG_3297 copyIMG_3308 copyIMG_3320 copyIMG_3325 copyIMG_3336 copyIMG_3366 copyIMG_3385 copyIMG_3402 copyIMG_3421 copyIMG_3432 copyIMG_3474 copyIMG_3491 copyIMG_3543 copyIMG_3581 copyIMG_3589 copyIMG_3591 copyIMG_3593 copyIMG_3681 copyIMG_3695 copyIMG_3698 copyIMG_3709 copyIMG_3713 copyIMG_3718 copyIMG_3724 copyIMG_3735 copyIMG_3738 copyIMG_3749 copyIMG_3769 copyIMG_3779 copyRelaxing Rarotonga Cook Islands Travel pacific paradise Island showIMG_3856 copyIMG_3929 copyIMG_3937 copyIMG_3944 copyIMG_3946 copyIMG_3948 copyIMG_3958 copyIMG_3972 copyIMG_3988 copyIMG_4000 copyIMG_4001 copyIMG_4003 copyIMG_4023 copyIMG_4039 copyIMG_4045 copyIMG_4051 copyIMG_4055 copyIMG_4076 copyIMG_4083 copyIMG_4107 copyIMG_4108 copyIMG_4152 copy

IMG_3029 copy

Thanks again to Aunty Nane and the Cook Islands Tourism folk for inviting me and looking after us so well and to Air New Zealand for flying us over. Thanks to the Nautilus Resort and Little Polynesian Resort – both gorgeous, right on the beach, good food – had a fantastic dinner at Nautilus and a beautiful brekkie at Little Poly and wish we’d been able to sample more of the menu! We’ll be back for sure!

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