Heavenly Hayashi

Once again I’ve stolen an old post from my other blog eatspeakjl.blogspot.com to share with you a ryotei (traditional restaurant serving Kaiseki cuisine) I ate at around 7 or 8 years ago in Kyoto…  I really can’t believe it was that long ago because I still remember the meal so fondly.  I’m not sure if […]


Get off Kyoto’s well-worn tourist track and visit Tofukuji Temple renowned for its Zen moss and rock gardens designed by a famous Japanese garden architect.

OHARA and Sanzen-in

I like to visit Ohara as regularly as I can. It’s just north of Kyoto city – about an hour in the bus from Kyoto station but feels so much further away. I love the local farming atmosphere and the greenery but the main reason I venture to Ohara is to visit Sanzen in (temple) […]

Bizen Pottery

Disclaimer – this post was stolen from our other blog (eatspeakjl.blogspot.com) and was written in 2015 –  but we just stumbled across it and thought we’d share! Recently (please see above!) we took a short visit to Kurashiki and Okayama city from Kyoto. From Okayama city we rode the very short yellow train below to the sleepy […]

Reine Des Pres

Reine Des Pres

Reine Des Pres,  a pocket sized French Restaurant in Kyoto, is particularly popular with ladies who lunch and couples who give each other perfect red roses on Valentine’s Day. It’s situated a little north of the main city hub in a street that runs south from Marutamachi dori. Just east of Kawaramachi dori. The venue […]

Korakuen Garden Okayama

Okayama is famous for its castle (peeking over the shoulder of the tree on the right in the image below), sweet, sweet summer peaches, the story of Momotaro – the Peach Boy), Bizen ceramic ware, various citrus fruit and this spectacular garden –Korakuen –  ranked as one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan. To be […]