Japan Blue


Every so often we get swept away with the colour in Japan.

We cannot tell a lie. In fact it’s an every day occurrence whether we are in situ or looking at 30 something years worth of Japan travel photos.  Or merely dreaming.

Last week it was green, or Midori, over at Zenbu Home and today it’s blue. Just because.

I’m looking out my window and it’s the kind of blue that says – come outside… but bring a jacket. Its colour filtered through a little haze that speaks of smoke from fireplaces. It’s a winter kind of blue where the weather can’t make up it’s mind to clear to a crisp day or head into a sleet scattered afternoon.

I’m feeling a bit like that myself today – work to do? a book to be read… the house to be cleaned? a warm bath. Cuddle the dog, open a bottle of wine, will someone else to make dinner , watch an old movie. Or a new one. See I just can’t make up my mind.

What does Japan blue say to you today?


If you are after your own little patch of Japan Blue why not join us on one of our scheduled Japanese cuisine and culture Tours for 2018? There are  still a few spaces on Zenbu Zen and Zenbu Setsubun -and just two spots on Zenbu Haru our spring tour.

Of course you may prefer a private tour or to DIY with a little help from some friends in the know  – if you are time poor or prefer not to travel in a small group, let us take the hard work out of travel and develop a detailed, tailored itinerary specific to your needs and desires !




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