Red, White and Black Japan

Last week I was blissing out on all the calming green of Kyoto and this week I’m seeing RED.  Red, white and black that is.

Dramatic, graphic, striking and stimulating.

In Japanese culture the colour red represents energy and lifeforce ( it also wards off evil spirits – take note when you are in temple/shrine areas), white stands for purity and black is powerful and foreboding but also brings a certain elegance –  so this really is quite the combination.

People who know me also know that I’m rarely seen wearing anything but black  – but I do throw in a little red every now and again (sometimes grey and green) so am always drawn to those particular colours which I feel both ground me and provide inspiration, confidence and GO!.   I hope these images put a little spring in your step today.


If these visions are speaking to you – why not join me on my ZENBU ZEN II winter Cuisine and Culture Tour in late January 2017  and see it all for yourself? Or if Spring is more your thing – come along on the ZENBU HARU Cuisine and Culture Tour in May ? You know you want to…

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