Green Kyoto


No matter which season you travel to Kyoto in….  you’ll notice the green. At least you will now.


From the depths of winter to the peak of summer Kyoto life remains a calming shade of green in one form or another. I’ve, somewhat embarrassingly, not been completely conscious of it until this very moment  – but I’m now realising that this simple fact may indeed be one of the more significant reasons for why I feel so relaxed and connected when I’m spending time in this beautiful city. Surrounded by the green.  There are many other reasons of course but I hadn’t truly factored this one in until I looked at my collective green focussed images.   My camera worked it out before I did.

A peaceful, inviting, textural green. An evocative, lush and lingering green. Delicious, protective, happy green.

Moss cloaking stone statues and rocks, matcha flavoured sweets, swaying bamboo, early spring greens, young gingko leaves,  subtle sculpted hedges, sushi, koi ponds, tea, ceramics.

Come. Take a look for yourself.

oh,  just before you do – if matcha is your green of choice  – find out a little bit more about it in my story for Kitchen at 9MSN.

If you are interested in joining us for your own patch of Kyoto Green – why not join one of our Cuisine and Culture tours?

2018 Zenbu Tours Schedule

Zenbu Tours is excited to announce that we’ll be holding 3 Japanese Cuisine and Culture tours for 2018.

no. 1              12 Day Zenbu Zen Tour (early Jan 2018) – Kyoto

no. 2              15 Day Zenbu Setsubun Tour  (late Jan – early Feb 2018)  -Kyoto & Tokyo

no.3                15 Day Zenbu Haru Spring Tour  (May 2018)  – Kyoto

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