Food Glorious Food…. on a Zenbu Tour!

IMG_7502Ever wondered what kind of deliciousness we get upto on a Zenbu Tour?

The answer is pretty much anything and everything… as long as it is great!  Japanese food is so varied  – from the simple to the sublime, from the traditional and true to creative contemporary.  When travelling with Zenbu Tours we want to ensure you experience as much deliciousness and varied eating you can.

We eat everywhere from rustic izakaya to  private homes to the fanciest restaurants in town – simple noodles to local style home cooking to exquisite Kaiseki cuisine.  We stop in fabulous cafes, teahouses and the occasional bar and we sample local snacks, ice-cream, sake, whisky, plum wine and even Yuzu-shu – depending on our mood…  And all the while food and travel writer and obsessive Japanophile Jane Lawson will be there to talk you through each dish and ingredient !

The shots below give you just a wee peek inside some of the wonderful foodstuffs  we have enjoyed so far on our tours!

And if they don’t make you hungry  there is something seriously wrong…. And if you do find yourself hankering for a little Nihon Ryori and fancy taking a further look inside Zenbu Tours offerings for 2017 – check out our 12 Day Zenbu Zen or 16 Day Zenbu-Wa-Mono adventure! You ain’t seen nothing yet! So excited about next year’s tours.


*UPDATE 25 July 2016 – bookings have now closed for the above two 2017 tours – but the good news is we’ve just added on 2 new exciting tours for those who missed out on a spot – please see here for details!


But please do be quick to take advantage of the EARLYBIRD SPECIAL!  Spaces at the earlybird rate are being snapped up quickly! And we’ve only a handful of spots left on Zenbu Zen!

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