Sayonara Zenbu Zen 2016..


I’m feeling like a farmer sans his or her favourite sheep. My lovely group and I have just finished an incredible 15 days together on the Zenbu Zen (plus) tour 2016.

Alone for the first time in many months  I’m enjoying the quiet of a friend’s apartment overlooking Kyoto’s handsome rooftops and humble mountain safety-rim but I have to admit to missing my recent sidekicks –  just a little. OK, perhaps more than a little. It’s the strangest feeling – a little giddy, somewhat relieved to have brought another successful tour to a close yet there’s this strange sense of loss. A small grieving.   All will start to normalise as I settle back into my more regular daily doings but the memories made together will remain with me forever.

We’ve certainly shared some special times over the last fortnight or so.First a few exciting days in Tokyo (a privately requested add-on to the Zenbu Zen tour) before a culturally immersed 12 days in Kyoto.

And boy did we pack it in this trip. With 4 repeat customers who were looking for lots of new experiences (due to falling in love with Japan the first time round and wishing to gobble up so much more of Japan’s fine food and food culture as possible) plus a few new members I needed to cover a lot of bases. It probably wasn’t quite as relaxing for them all as it is on my regular tours… and I made them get out of bed a little earlier than usual on certain days in an effort to avoid the crowds but they were all so up for it – interested, invested and involved. Love it! Having said that – one gorgeous soul who loves her sleep simply  selected what she wanted to opt in and out of and thoroughly enjoyed herself with pampering, wandering and relaxing – which was perfect too.


I have a couple of weeks to finish some writing, attends some meetings, see some friends and host a couple more short private tours before I return to Australia to be with my family – and I can’t wait to cuddle my fur child who is finding Skype rather confusing.

For a peek inside the latest tour – here are a few random shots. Perhaps you’ll join us next year? 😉 I’ll be posting tour details in a few months’s time so please contact me if you wish to be added to the mailing list.



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