Kyurious Kyoto

Kyoto never ceases to amaze me. There is always something a little curious bubbling away under the serenely elegant surface and this evening of glorious entertainment (circa 2011) was certainly an eye opener.  Enjoying the surprisingly open, raw and rich performances ( from burlesque to fire-breathing to improvised dance in honour of Tohoku and a parody of Japanese variety show hosts)  was an unusually relaxed (for Japan), tuned in and appreciative audience of culture vultures.

I can’t say where it was someone at the venue advised me  after the performance, after letting me (and others!) snap away all night that photography was not allowed.  It is typical in Japan to make an announcement prior to a performance if photography is banned – this did not occur on this occasion and has never been an issue at this particular venue.

So… just because it really was so special I’ve snuck just a few snaps in here as I’d feel awful if I couldn’t share with you….. here is a small sampling of a less expected face of Kyoto.  Enjoy.

The gorgeous Ms Cherry Typhoon

**If you are a performer who appears in any of these images and would like me to share your details on this site –  or send you a copy of the image you appear in please contact me directly.  If you would like your image removed from this page please also let me know and I shall do so immediately. Thank you.

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