Japanese Cuisine and Culture Tour Jan 9-20. Almost Sold Out.


A big HELLO to all who have expressed an interest in our January Tour !

This is just to let you know that we ONLY HAVE 3 PLACES LEFT for the ZENBU ZEN 9-20 January 2016 Tour. 

Scratch that – there is now only ONE SPOT LEFT! Is it meant for you??

So if you’ve been seriously thinking about coming along with us please do book ASAP by contacting myself through this site or booking directly with the lovely Dai-san at Pitt Travel in Sydney – details in the itinerary.

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings Close 9 November! 

That’s only a few weeks away. I don’t want you to miss out on this wonderful and delicious adventure !

This year we will be based in incredible Kyoto as usual  -with all that she brings – you haven’t been to Japan if you haven’t visited Kyoto. But we’ll also be visiting the beautiful city of Kanazawa on the west coast, Ancient Nara where the sacred deer run freely, bustling Osaka for a taste of their fun street food, a small farmers’ market in Kyoto’s north and Fushimi’s stunning Inari Shrine just south of the city – you know the one with the thousands of red Torii gates spectacularly tunnelling up a mountain? We’ll learn about New Year’s specialty foods as a good friend cooks for us in her home , visit galleries, museums and shops selling the wares of local creatives and artists, and lose ourselves in a hand-made craft market.

And of course we’ll be eating some of the best food that Japan has to offer -and perhaps sampling a little sake and whiskey…

Just in case you need a refresher – here is the FULL ITINERARY. 

You’ll find some of the previous groups’ testimonials HERE.

This really is a very special, intimate tour, with Japanophile Food and Travel Writer Jane Lawson who carries Kyoto in her heart. Come and share her Kyoto.


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