Ryoriya de Stephan Pantel


Ryoria de Stephan Pantel in Kyoto is one of those places I keep being drawn back to. You can read more about it here – but below is a visual on my last meal there with one of my groups. Stunning as ever.  If you are looking for a special occasion restaurant in Kyoto – of the French Japanese variety – you’ll be in good hands with chef Pantel. His food is very much his own – and completely refreshing in a creative sense.

You may be able to tell from the brevity of this post  (and lack of information about what’s on the plate) that I am on deadline with my new book – in fact two new books working in tandem which is a little more stress than I anticipated but hey.. you get that! Can’t complain. A girl needs to eat.  Just wanted to share.

And if you are tempted to join my cuisine and culture tour in January 2016 – please look HERE for details.



Sahimi Tai (snapper) with kazunoko (salt preserved herring roe) , a cream dressing with hazelnuts and aonori crisp above.

Foie gras wrapped in nara zuke (pickles) below – the signature dish.  More info in the earlier post.



A deliciously runny egg lays under the parmesan and truffle foam over excellent Kyo-yasai – revered Kyoto vegetables . So damn good I’m going to show you again..



Looks like the rising sun no? Forgive me – this is where I stopped taking notes…..  possibly daikon soup?  with spinach wrapped oysters, puffed rice, lardo and red daikon

IMG_1688Fish or Beef/duck – yep that’s all I got! If anyone on tour actually took notes – please share them..? I think we were all too busy laughing and sipping fine wine ….?

IMG_1693 IMG_1697

Now I do remember this was a most excellent Chocolate dessert with citrus.  Again… missing way too much detail and not doing it justice in any way shape or form.



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