Kyurious Kyoto

Kyoto never ceases to amaze me. There is always something a little curious bubbling away under the serenely elegant surface and this evening of glorious entertainment (circa 2011) was certainly an eye opener.  Enjoying the surprisingly open, raw and rich performances ( from burlesque to fire-breathing to improvised dance in honour of Tohoku and a […]


Don’t mind if I do. Normally when in Japan I like to seek out the smaller, cosy little tucked away cafes but sometimes you just have to duck in somewhere nearby for a caffeine/sugar fix right? HARBS is a coffee and cake chain found all over Japan (and elsewhere)  – 32 shops and counting! When shopping […]

Chisou Inaseya

Yet another excellent Kyoto restaurant I’ve walked by a million times and not realised was there. Chisou Inaseya is a chicken  restaurant specialising in Chicken Sukiyaki (that’s the local style – not beef like you might be used to) and they also do great chicken nabe (hotpot) and chicken sashimi for those of you not […]

Dean and Deluca Kyoto

This is a very short post to say that if you are in downtown Kyoto  on the hop and in much need of a quick and decent cuppa and/or a burger/sandwich –  but you can’t stand the thought of going to one of the large fast food chains  – then check out the front cafe section of the large Dean and Deluca […]

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