Muro and Chabuya

You might be curious as to why I’ve included these two eateries as a twin set? The answer is pretty basic really but may seem a little strange to the average bear. I searched high and low for Oden bar Muro one Kyoto winter’s eve but kept coming across Chabuya (above) in it’s place. What I […]

Culinary Tourism

Recently I was a guest on Pete Dillon’s excellent Cravings Programme on Joy 94.5 where I got to chat with him and the delicious Tony Tan about  CULINARY TOURISM To hear me raving on about Kyoto and my Zenbu Tours tune in around the 25 minute mark… If you’d like to join the Zenbu Zen […]


On your own and after a quick counter style Wagyu fix around lunchtime in Kyoto? Hafuu isn’t a haafu bad choice. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. The restaurant, with a focus on beef, is Yoshoku style. Yoshoku translates as ‘Western Food’ however it is in fact gloriously Japanafied western food – which I am totally loved up […]


All too often when going about our busy lives the real gems of the place in which we do our living are overlooked.  Sometimes they are embarrassingly obvious, other times not.  For me Kennin-ji falls into the former category. Kyoto can be a little random like that.  Or perhaps it is my own randomness I’ve […]


I cannot tell a lie. This photo has nothing to do with restaurant L’embellir.  Well… apart from being in my line of sight whilst I waited nearby for  friend Mayumi with whom I was having lunch.  I just liked it and thought I’d share – that’s the kinda gal I am.   Just as striking was […]

Izuju Sushi

 I tasted my first Kyoto style sushi at the famous Izuju in Gion about 5 years ago – at the recommendation of friend Michael ( The Kyoto Foodie) . We’d popped in at a whim after an inspiring meeting with esteemed chef Murata san  – soon after which we arranged my time in the kitchens […]