Kyoto Night Lights

Evening in Kyoto town promises a certain magic. Sunsets over mountains. Paper lantern lit laneways come to life. Geiko and Maiko slow trot to appointments.   Power lines lean and whisper in the half light. Shadow and shine. Come with me – I’ll show you.  Just a few spots left on the ZENBU ZEN Luxury Cuisine & Culture […]


Minimashima is the first Japanese restaurant in Australia that I’ve walked into and been instantly transported back to Japan. That feeling lasted from the moment I walked through the door until we’d finished dinner and were back on the street. The entire meal was exceptional – and authentic. Supremely fresh, quality seafood – much of […]

Kanazawa Weekend

In an attempt to escape Kyoto’s increasingly insane heat in Early August a couple of years back we decided to take a mini-break to gorgeous Kanazawa. Had we known it was in the middle of a heatwave and it would feel every bit as hot and humid as Kyoto we might have chosen elsewhere. Like Lapland. […]

New Karasuma Izakaya

I’m  painfully aware of how fortunate I am to travel and eat for work. I get to chow down in some of the most wonderful establishments around the globe. Mostly in Japan these days.  Whether I’m researching for my tours, actually hosting my tours or having some time to myself pre or post tour – […]

Wine and Confit Ikariya Shokudou

It’s  that time of year when Kyoto-ites make the most of the summer heat by eating in the open air, over the ‘cool’ river. The many, many restaurants that line the western edge of the Kamogawa (Kamo river) construct platforms (yuka) that extend from their restaurants out over the flowing water with an uninterrupted view […]

Kyoto Meanderings. No. 6

To the west of the city’s heart lies Senbon Dori. Like most of Kyoto’s major streets it runs from one end of the city grid to the other – in this case North to South. It is the main vein of an area rarely visited by tourists – unless they happen to be passing through […]

% Arabica Coffee Kyoto

I stumbled across % Arabica early in 2015. Well it wasn’t exactly a stumble, I’d spied the newish coffee hotspot sometime in 2014 it just took me a while to get back there. Boy it was worth the wait. Their brew is fantastic. Serious stuff.  The Higashiyama site ( is situated on Yasaka dori as […]

Heian Jingu in April

Visually Japan really does change so much from month to month – I recently posted some images from Heian Jingu in May. Working a little backwards – here’s an idea of  what it looks like in April – when the sakura (cherry blossom) are starting to bloom and the Iris, Water Lily and Lotus lay in wait.


About a year and a half ago I was honoured assist the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau in promoting Tokyo Travel and Food to media and travel folk.  Proceedings lasted about a week  and  concluded with a “stage performance” at Darling Harbour during Japan Expo. I had to ask whether I […]