Each time I visit Motoi I love it just that little bit more. Chef Motoi Maeda and his wife run this special occasion restaurant with spectacular food and service in a stylishly refurbed, traditional Japanese home in Kyoto city. There is a private room in the adjacent kura (storage house) if that floats your boat but  utilising […]

Kyoto Cafe Culture

Japan’s cultural hub, Kyoto, has long been regarded as the best place to experience the soothing art of the traditional tea ceremony and I’ll happily admit that I’m as loved up with matcha and wagashi (whisked green tea and Japanese confectionery) as the next Japanophile! But I also appreciate a good cup of coffee and a welcoming place to […]

Obon and Daimonji bonfire festival

It’s almost time for the annual Obon festival  in Japan. This sacred time on the Japanese calendar lasts several days during which the dearly departed return to earth to visit their families. August  16 2015 hosts the famous Daimonji (more formally ‘Gozan no okuribi’) bonfire light up in Kyoto town. If you look carefully you can […]

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