Garam Masala. Yes we are in Kyoto.

Naturally hungry after hiking up a Kyoto mountain one day (ok, truthfully  it was a slow slug  up a stack of stairs in a mountain side temple…)  I scooped up friends  on my way back down the hill and ordered them to feed me. Bridget knew the perfect place to reset my palate between Japanese food tours…. Curry anyone?

Garam Masala is a cosy  Indian restaurant run by a woman who certainly knows her spices.

The food was authentic and  delish  – and at 1000 yen for lunch (around $10 aud) I was pretty damn satisfied. The accompanying naan bread was some of the best I’d eaten.. yep, included in the price.  Check out Garam Masala if you are in the Ichijoji hood. On Kita shirakawa dori – east side  – just north of Zokei University of Art and Design.

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