Wabiya Korekidou Yakitori

It’s some time since I ate at Wabiya Korekidou  but I still have very fond memories of this excellent meal. Being on Hanamikoji dori (street), slap bang in the middle of the main Geisha thoroughfare, I had little hope that it would be as good as it actually was.  But as I am learning – most […]

The Lobby Bar. Royal Park Hotel THE Kyoto.

Yes that is the actual name of the hotel ‘Royal Park Hotel THE Kyoto‘. I can rarely remember the full name for this reason – it looks like an error does it not? I always feel compelled to switch the words around in my head and drop the capitals.. but that might just be me. […]

Gion Abessess

I had wondered about this place for some time but it wasn’t until one of the readers of my blog said they’d had a great meal here that I actually decided to give it a shot. The restaurant space itself is on the second floor of an old machiya in Gion and holds only a […]

Gion Matsuri

                       It’s  that time of the year again when warmer days start to hum as Kyoto gears up for one of the biggest and important summer festivals in Japan – the Gion Matsuri. which starts and ends in the month of July. Although I’ve been travelling […]

Garam Masala. Yes we are in Kyoto.

Naturally hungry after hiking up a Kyoto mountain one day (ok, truthfully  it was a slow slug  up a stack of stairs in a mountain side temple…)  I scooped up friends  on my way back down the hill and ordered them to feed me. Bridget knew the perfect place to reset my palate between Japanese food […]

Gion Niti

Hidden away in the back lanes of Gion is this elegant cafe. Although it seems, at first, as though you are walking into a glamourous cubicle – the cafe and bar is in fact quite spacious when you take into consideration the separate tatami room area and second floor which are not at all detectable […]

Kurashiki & Kaiseki

I’m guessing it is around 15 years since I last visited Kurashiki, a small town  in Okayama prefecture,  the heart of which is based around an attractive canal area lined with traditional store houses.  I had very fond memories from our first meeting but the moment we re-met I noticed the marked increase in touristy shops and consequentially way more tackarama than had previously […]