Tofukuji Temple is, sadly, often overlooked by visitors to Kyoto – possibly because it is not situated in the city grid. However, it is considered one of the city’s great temples and is only a couple of short stops away from Kyoto Station by train (just a few minutes!)  – and very close to Fushimi Inari Shrine which is frequented by travelers in the know.

I highly recommend Tofukuji for the wonderful zen rock and sand garden as well as the signature chequer-board moss garden (by famous landscape artist and garden designer Mirei Shigemori) plus the majestic wooden architecture and gates in the sprawling, surrounding grounds.

There are many small, picturesque temples situated on the walk from Tofukuji station to the temple  – worth a peek inside if you have time.


To reach Tofukuji temple from Kyoto Station take the JR Nara line or the Keihan Main line to Tofukuji station and follow the signs on the 10 minute walk to the temple. You can also take a Kyoto City bus (208) to Tofukuji bus stop – it is about a 15 minute ride plus 10 minute walk.

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