La Biographie

One unusually hot and overcast October day in Kyoto (2013) I visited La Biographie. Those of you who regularly follow my posts will already appreciate my inability to cope with Kyoto’s summer heat and humidity and when it lingers this long… well… you will also understand that I  really had no choice but to retreat to air conditioned comfort and feed myself. What else is a fair maiden, cough cough, to do in such a state.

The champagne went straight to my head of course so I’ll blame that, my lingering internal body heat and the fact my body was was blocking any hint of natural light, for the crap quality of the pics but it is enough to give you a rough idea of what to expect food-wise from this fancy French joint just west of Karasuma dori /south of Oike dori.

I can’t really put into images or words quite how it felt to be watched over for the entire meal. I understand that this may be appealing to some people and seen as a very high level of service  – but I just wanted to relax with a friend over a fine meal, without too much fuss. And to hurriedly reduce the unsightly flow of perspiration.

The space itself is very modern, albeit tucked behind the facade of a traditional building.  Elegant and comfortable. Except for the drilling eyes.

The little courtyard water garden helped to imply a sense of cool. So very Japanese. The bathroom was so clean I could have slept on the floor. Which I nearly did as a result of the combination of Champers, heat-stroke and the heaping amount of food I’d stuffed into my face.

Rose and sable

A few wee snackettes to get us started including radish and olive, whole baby fish in pastry, scallop with zucchini, caviar cones, cheese lace, cocoa wafers..

Cold corn potage with foie gras, espresso and white sesame

Le famous La Biographie Ohara egg with spiced cream

6 mushroom pudding soup with hazelnuts

Amadai (tile fish – Kyoto’s favourite fish) with crisp scales, “essence of fish and collagen”, lemon jam, yellow and green zucchini, baby shiso

Slow roasted Duck breast with smoked Andes potato, eggplant puree, chocolate almonds

Cheese course: A refreshing pineapple soup with fromage blanc and  yoghurt

Food porn Chocolate Cylinder and Chocolate water

Coffee and sweet schtuff including caramels with popping candy, tiny choux creams, dark chocolate coated candied orange and nori macarons

I enjoyed the meal and it was definite value for money. I do sense that I might have had an even better experience had I been less heat frazzled so I’ll return one day and give it a proper review which is only fair.   Regardless -this is a  special occasion place particularly for those looking for a well-starched service.

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