Uji & Byodoin

 If you are lucky enough to have an extended stay in Kyoto  – Uji is a great side trip and worth a half day’s wandering.  The setting for the novel “The tale of Genji”, quiet and beautiful Uji, is on the way to Nara if you’d like to incorporate the two – I’d recommend an overnight stay in Nara as the area is so rich with history and beauty – and there is nothing more fun than being nibbled on by sacred deer in search of snacks – which you can buy all over the place for feeding them.  Getting back to Uji – the tea from this area is highly regarded across Japan and many of the cafes and restaurants  in the area offer food and drinks with green tea. The tea itself makes a wonderful souvenier as do the gorgeously packaged Japanese traditional sweets.  For reference – these images were taken in November a few years ago – Autumn/Fall. 

 Just a small peek into Autumn in Uji – if you are interested in seeing the autumn leaves with me take a  look at my recently added Autumn Tour for November 2015!

Byodoin temple – make sure you visit the newly built museum attached – its free and in a stunning building.

I loved watching this older gentleman folding grasshoppers out of leaves. See below for a closer look.

Beautifully packaged green tea sweets…

And just by the by…I’d love to see a train this clean in Australia…. or anywhere else for that matter. For all it’s inhabitants Japan is one of the cleanest, neatest countries in the world.   Ah Japan.

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