Kyoto Meanderings No. 1

When I have time alone in Kyoto there is nothing I love to do more than just stroll and take photos. Capturing my meandering, lead by instinct over thought. There is always something new to see, even if it is just from another angle, or in a different light.

Since my teen years I’ve enjoyed playing with photography but in more recent times have committed to lugging around a rather serious camera in order to take more beautiful and interesting images. I love my Canon EOS 70D (ok so it’s not a super serious camera… but one day when I deserve it, or win Lotto, I’ll upgrade to an even more flash Canon). Having a better camera is a form of greater respect for the subject I guess. And no, Canon isn’t paying me to say this – it is truly the way I feel.  I’m still learning and always will be but these days my images often accompany my writing in books or magazine commissions so I guess I’m doing something right… hats off to the technically skilled though, I’m barely past point and click. But according to my experienced ‘real’ photographer friends I have ‘an eye’ and that’s not something easily learned. Thank you for the encouragement. You know who you are. But if I’m honest, it would be pretty hard to take a bad shot in aesthetically blessed Kyoto town.

If you don’t mind, from time to time I’d like to share with you some of my images, mainly to give you a sense of wonderful Kyoto and how she inspires me. And who knows maybe one day you might like to join me sauntering her fascinating laneways, gardens, temples, markets with your own camera.

I so get a kick out of seeing the guests on my Zenbu Tours delight in the beauty of Kyoto and share their own photos via Instagram and Facebook. Hashtag Zenbutours! And if you’d like to follow my Zenbu Tours instagram page whilst we are in situ (usually Nov/Dec through to Feb) – you’ll find me @zenbu_tours and when in Australia I use @janelawsonfood – just in case you are interested in what I get up to when not in Japan.

Allow me to introduce this post as the first installment of my Kyoto Meanderings.

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