Petit Japonais

Petit Japonais is yet another pocket-sized Kyoto cafe. I love the cosy Scandi vibe, their great coffee and the look of their short and sweet cake and dessert collection. You’ll find it nestled on Bukkoji Street, just east of Karasuma above a tiny pattisserie. The cafe itself is only open for relatively few hours so […]


I’m not sure exactly when it happened but I’ve come to realise that at some point during the last few years I’ve inadvertently acquired a fascination for Wagashi. For the 30 odd years I’ve been travelling around or living in Japan she’d been lurking….  I’d always considered her pretty, for the most part, but lacking […]

Kawai Kanjiro Museum

There are many wonderful hidden museums and galleries in Japan – I’m forever discovering them but this particular place has been a favourite for many years. Kawai Kanjiro was a famous Mingei (folk craft) artist who lived the majority of his working life in Kyoto in this wonderful house.  It’s terribly atmospheric and you can […]

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