News just in – Autumn Tour 2015

Dear All, It’s official ! Zenbu Tours will be hosting a new tour for 2015. Zenbu Aki (Autumn/Fall) 15 day/14 night cuisine and culture tour of Kyoto  23 November – 07 December 2015. The itinerary will be released in a few weeks time but numbers are limited to 8 and I already have a few people […]

Zenbu Zen Tour 2015

If you are thinking about joining a Zenbu Tour in 2016 then please take a peek at what we got up to on our Zenbu Zen Ladies tour 2015! It’s just a little taste of what you might expect to experience…. of course every tour is has a personality of its own! Hope to see you next […]

A little more Kyoto Jan 2015

So, while you are patiently waiting for my itineraries to appear I’d like to distract you with a few more images of beautiful Kyoto…(in the meantime I’m running around Tokyo preparing for  one of our NEW tours for 2016! Exciting stuff).  And without further ado…