Japanese Winter Hotpot Cooking Class

It seems a long way off I know and it is rather hot and humid right now in Australia to be thinking about such things but come July 18th 2015 you will surely be needing to warm your hearts and bellies with a little Japanese style winter comfort food?

The friendly people at The Essential Ingredient in Prahran have invited me to teach a hands-on class on Japanese winter hotpots and the like. Delicious and nutritious nabe and nimono are guaranteed to be at the centre of your winter table for years to come after you’ve been part of this fun and informative class.  

I’m just about to head off into the thick of yet another Japanese winter so there’s no doubt I’ll be returning with a few new recipes tucked under my wing – might have to lock in several classes!!

Hope to see you there! Here’s the link:

Jane Lawson’s Japanese Winter Hotpot Class

 at Essential Ingredient Prahran

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