Luxury Food and Culture Tours in Japan


Exceptional, authentic Japanese cuisine and culture tours. Each small-group tour is immersive, inspiring and connected – yet relaxed and fun.
All Zenbu tours feature luxurious accommodations, private transport and a spectacular combination of traditional and contemporary food & drink – accompanied by visual and sensory feasts, folklore and fascinating history. Dive into the local culture, delight in traditional Japanese hospitality and float about in the aesthetic.
Zenbu’s out-of-the-ordinary tours are hosted by renowned Australian food & travel writer Jane Lawson and, fellow obsessive Japanophile, husband Gerard Kambeck – between them they share a love of Japan and 50 years Japanese travel experience.



  • Spending time in Kyoto with Jane gave me a deeper insight into the Japanese culture. The Japanese emphasis on beautiful presentation and how they represent nature and the seasons have been an almost subconscious influence on me. Because of Jane's experience and network I had greater access to the culture.
    Peter Gilmore
    Executive Chef
    Quay Restaurant, Sydney
  • I can safely say that no-one designs and runs a better small-group foodie tour than Jane Lawson! Huge effort and knowledge is brought to bear in finding the very best experiences, and it’s all done with great personal charm and care from Jane and Gerard. Highly recommended!
    Alison Lansley
  • I had a wonderful time exploring Kyoto with Jane and experiencing its many delights. Jane is an intelligent, articulate and above all warm woman with a great knowledge of the city and its customs. She went out of her way to ensure that all the group had a wonderful time, providing both structure and free time to explore on our own.  
    Lynne Jackson